Digme Fitness & Dallaglio Rugby Works Record Attempt

Dallaglio Cycling World Record.jpg

Viva Velo are incredibly proud to be contributing towards this fantastic Guinness 24 hour relay world record attempt.  Partnering with Digme Fitness,  the ex-England rugby player, Lawrence Dallaglio is shooting to have the most participants in a static cycling event in 24 hours with individuals cycling for 1 hour each on multiple static bikes.  The aim of the event is to raise money for Dallaglio RugbyWorks which helps to get teenagers outside of the mainstream into sustained education, employment or training through programmes based on rugby.  Dallaglio Rugby Works gives kids, who otherwise would not get a second chance, the opportunity to thrive and prosper.  The event will be taking place on December 15th and 16th at Digme Fitness in Richmond (see map).

As you may already know, Lawrence Dallaglio is a keen cyclist and organises  a three week long ‘Cycle Slam’ every other year to raise funds for his charity and it is expected that many of those who will take part in this event will come from the same core of well-known sports personalities and celebrities.

Digme Fitness Cycling World Record Attempt.jpg

Along with all the cycling activity there will be other ongoing attractions during the 24 hours to help raise further funds.  Viva Velo is delighted to be able to supply a couple of items to be auctioned for this great charity – namely a VIP ‘Hors Categorie’ place in the famous Tour of Flanders sportive along with two free places on a Viva Velo Mallorca Cycle Camp next spring.  For more details of these great prizes see below.

If you’d like to enter this fantastic event and become a world record holder – then read on! Places cost just £25 for one hour.  But we think we can do better than that.  It would be fantastic to field an entire Viva Velo team for the duration of the event and so we will reduce that to just £20 for you and your friends if we can find 24 people to take part!  What more could you want?  Just £20 to help give kids get a chance in life – you get to feel great afterwards both physically and spiritually!   Don’t let us down, Viva Velo family!  Simply sign up here for your discounted place.

N.B.  If you can’t make the event but would still like to donate to this great charity you can do so here:   Please leave a note with your donation saying you heard about the charity and this event through Viva Velo

Cycling World Record.jpg

Details of those great prizes to be auctioned at the Dallaglio Rugby Works Digme Fitness event are:

  1.  A ‘Hors Categorie’ entry to the Tour of Flanders (currently costing 150 euros plus) which gives the holder a VIP entry to what will be a sold out sportive consisting of:
  • Welcome by former winners of the Tour of Flanders (Johan Museeuw, Alessandro Ballan).
  • Guaranteed participation in We Ride Flanders from Oudenaarde, distances: 74km-130km-170km
  • Reception in Tour of Flanders VIP tent next to the official finish line of the pro race, both before and after your ride.
  • A healthy Flandrien breakfast
  • Reserved parking space
  • Pasta buffet and free drinks after We Ride Flanders
  • Reserved shower and changing rooms
  • Secure bike storage
  • Massage at the finish
  • Unique Tour of Flanders gadget
  • Medal

The Tour of Flanders Sportive is very popular (they have already sold 11,000 of the 16,000 places) and this VIP package adds something special to the simple entry for what will be a sold out event.

  1. A free 5 day cycle camp in Mallorca for two with Viva Velo (from Thursday March 22nd -Monday 26th inclusive) worth £810 consisting of:
  • Four star accommodation in our hotel in Puerto Pollenca on a twin occupancy basis
  • Half board breakfast and three course dinner in all you can eat buffet
  • Free use of swimming pool, spa and sauna facilities
  • Return transfers from Palma airport to our hotel*
  • Tailored itinerary
  • Organised rides with our ride captains
  • GPX files on request

Flights, lunches and drinks and tourist taxes are not included.  *The successful bidder must ensure their flights dovetail with our transfer times.

Pro Cyclist Dan Patten Looks #BeyondBergen

Cycling in Belgium.png

With the world championships in Bergen underway and the summer seemingly drawing to a close (have we actually had a full summer this year!?), indicators that this cycling season is nearing it’s end, it’s of course a time when attentions can start to turn towards next year. Hopefully you have had a nice year on the bike, whatever that entails for you and hopefully you are looking forward to what next year will bring on two wheels. So if you find yourself sitting there watching the world championships and feeling inspired, then what better time to start planning for 2018 and setting new goals!? Time to think #BeyondBergen!

Mallorca Road Cycling.png

Maybe this is within racing, sportives or a particular cycling challenge. Maybe it’s riding in a particular place in the world or maybe it’s to simply to do more riding and get fitter. Whatever it is hopefully you’re feeling inspired and motivated to set new goals, plan and work towards them.

With all this in mind, maybe it is in your thoughts to head to sunnier parts to do some riding next year. Maybe this is the goal itself, to be riding in another place and with the challenges that it offers. Maybe going to sunnier parts is preparation for other goals and if so what better way to put the kms in on the bike to prepare for your goals than going away to do so!? With the sun on your back, cycling friendly roads, challenging terrain and amazing scenery, why not look to the ever popular Mallorca and all that it has to offer with Viva Velo and their Mallorca Spring Camps.

Dan Patten Cycling Training.png

This is of course that time of year when I also start to look towards 2018 and where i’ll be. This season will round up by the middle of October and then it will be time to put the bike away and take some time off to recover both physically and mentally from the year that’s been. It’s so important to do this and something you should keep in mind for your own cycling. It’s also a good time to set those goals and start making those plans. After a break you will be raring to go start working towards your goals, fresh and re-energized.

So what are my goals in cycling in 2018!? Those goals have not changed for me over the last decade, working for opportunities that allow me to compete in the best races possible and show my full potential. Having worked my way up the sport, the biggest motivating factor for me is the higher level and the bigger races. Right now my plans for 2018 are unclear but I hope for an opportunity that will allow me to continue progressing in the sport. Recent years have also seen me doing more work on top of racing. From rides, tours, holidays, to coaching, talks and shoots. A side of the sport I like very much also, meeting new people, sharing knowledge and stories, helping and advising. It is a very satisfying experience and something I look forward to more of in 2018.

Road Cycling Race.png

As always I would be more than happy to answer any questions and/or offer any advice, so feel free to get in touch. As I start to think more about 2018, hopefully you are too, think #BeyondBergen!

Matt Wallis, Viva Velo Ride Leader, looks #BeyondBergen

Matt Wallis Mallorca Cycling.jpg

As I sit here after a week’s guiding in Mallorca, my season of riding is slowly drawing to a close. With just a couple of trips left on my Viva Velo calendar I’m starting to reflect on what’s been an amazing year. With new clients, returning friends and other racers I’ve clocked up 11,000kms so far including trips to the south of France, Germany and Catalunya.

While the pros compete in Norway for the mythical rainbow stripes, at Viva Velo we’ve been contemplating what challenges await us #BeyondBergen. As an amateur racer, my season has not been as fruitful as I would have hoped. Time constraints meant I didn’t pin on a number until midway through the season. I rode a handful of races and was in good form before being involved in a nasty crash during a sprint. I snapped a bike, lost some skin and a bit of motivation but am still determined to pick up more points next season. For the majority of riders, myself included, racing is not the only reason I turn the pedals. I’ve also enjoyed the process of becoming the strongest I’ve ever been on a bike, while still eating a bit too much cake.

Road Cycling Mallorca.jpg

The rest of this year will mainly be spent at my “normal” job with Richmond Cycles. I love spending time in the shop chatting bikes and getting people set up to go on their own adventures. The shop owner and I have been developing an exciting bike fitting service which will be available to book soon. Using cameras, computer software and cool lasers we’ll be able to adapt current fits and spec up new bikes. I’m really looking forward to putting my sport rehabilitation degree back to good use for our customers, applying some clinical reasoning to prevent injury and improve performance.

In the saddle I’ll be looking to keep the kilometres ticking over through the inevitably miserable UK weather. I’ve developed a good engine this year, but would love to be maintaining 4 w/kg on my 20min power test next season while retaining my kick in the sprints. I’ll have to stay on my game in order to keep on the same page as some of our clients. They have been making some amazing performance gains this year with PR’s toppling on many of our trips.

Road Cycling Descending Climbs.jpg

My next year with Viva Velo is already looking mouthwatering. Alongside the mainstays such as Mallorca and Avignon-Nice, I’m super excited about the Italian prospects of the Stelvio and Tuscany. I rode the latter a few years ago while touring and have always had a hankering to return.

At the moment my life is all about keeping doors open for new opportunities, meeting new people and sharing experiences. Life with the shop and on the road over the past year has helped me achieve just that. I’m hoping next year will include more of the same, both in and out the saddle.

I’d really love to know where you want to be heading for the rest of this year and into next. Set it out using the hashtag #BeyondBergen and see where the road takes you.